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Summer Diet to BEAT THE HEAT

Summer diet

When it comes to summer diets, dietitians frequently recommend eating light and the correct sort of food to beat the heat. As the temperature increases and hunger decreases, the dangers of heatstroke, acidity, electrolyte loss, and poor energy must be mitigated with sufficient nutrition.

The extreme heatwave has already begun to grip many sections of the country, and the need for some refreshing meals is understandable. But, before you make poor choices and consume numerous cans of processed beverages, here are some nutritious items that can help you deal with harsh temperatures while keeping summer health troubles away.

A hard day’s sweat and dust make you want to eat something light and uncomplicated. We’ve compiled a list of 5 such dishes that can be whipped up in no time and can help you chill off.

Lemon rice is here to save you!

Lemon rice

It is one of the most popular south Indian dishes, typically served with yogurt, raita, or chutney. This meal is simple to prepare and has a mild flavor that takes the edge off the intensity of the spices. You’ll need coriander seeds, mustard seeds, vegetable oil, curry leaves, green chilies, a little piece of ginger, peanuts, and, of course, lemon and rice to make lemon rice. All you have to do is combine the oil, seeds, chilli, ginger, and peanuts in a skillet and heat for a few minutes. Simply add your rice to this and combine well.

The Classic Curd Rice

curd rice

Curd rice, another South Indian food, is an easy recipe to create. Vegetable oil, chilies, mustard seeds, curd, and rice are all you need. To begin, saut√© the chilies and mustard seeds in the oil. While the chilies and seeds are cooking, combine the curd and rice and add them to the oil. Allow the rice to cool for a few minutes after stirring it, and you’re finished. 

The love for Mango


You may travel anywhere in India and find a member of any household that enjoys aamras. Its chilly and refreshing flavor glides through your mouth, providing a reviving experience. When paired with roti, this simple meal dish can quickly chill you off. Click here for the aamras recipe.

Salads to Cool you off


Salads are adaptable; you may combine any vegetable or fruit with nuts or protein. The veggies’ lightness may not make you feel acidic. You may prepare a dressing using herbs, spices, fruit zest, or even honey to improve the flavor of the salads.

Coconut Water

coconut water

Vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes abound in tender coconut water. During the summer, coconut water not only fights the heat and gives much-needed reprieve from the scorching sun, but also replenishes critical electrolytes, which are frequently depleted due to perspiration. Drink coconut water in its purest form to remain hydrated, reduce sodium, and add potassium to your diet.

Any Melon


Melons are the juiciest, coolest, and healthiest meals to eat throughout the summer. They aid in the prevention of a variety of health issues, including cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Melons are also beneficial to the stomach and aid in weight loss. They’re delicious in salads, desserts, smoothies, milkshakes, and salsa.

Summer is here, which means hot, unpleasant weather. Snack on cooling foods like watermelon, cucumber, celery, yogurt, and cauliflower to calm down your body and skin.