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How to plan a lockdown wedding catering service in Chennai?

The mouth-watering wedding feast at Indian marriages is one of the things that lure people, apart from the love they have for the newlyweds.

The catering industry may literally have come to a grinding halt, as pandemic has forced weddings to be shifted online, people can only bless the new couples from their homes. They are missing the opportunity to relish the delicious food served at weddings.

With the unlocking of the F&B and hospitality industry and the possibility of the government easing the restriction of the number of guests from 50 to 100 or more, our wedding catering service Chennai is gearing up for the upcoming wedding season that got postponed.

Micro events:

At Divine Caterers, when it comes to wedding catering service Chennai, we think small. Guest lists are shrinking as more caterers plan micro-events instead of large gatherings. Micro events are small gatherings with a limited number of attendees, which makes it easier to promote social distancing guidelines. With more space available, you can arrange your seating options with ample room between guests.

Besides meeting state regulations about gatherings, there are other benefits to hosting a micro event. Small events also allow for a greater focus on the details. With fewer guests, more of the budget can be allocated for high-end decor and a pricier menu.

Single-use products:

At Divine Caterers, we believe in using single-use products for our wedding catering service Chennai. Disposable products play a large role in limiting contact between guests and staff. Single-use catering products like plastic barware, plastic cutlery, and tableware can be tossed out after the event is over. This eliminates a trip to the dishwasher and reduces exposure for all attendees.

  • Food Picks and Skewers – Guests can grab skewered morsels by the food pick, eliminating contact with shared utensils.
  • Tasting Forks and Spoons – Place a tiny tasting fork on top of small serving bowls so that guests don’t have to touch other utensils.
  • Plastic Mason Jars with Lids – The lids on these mini mason jars keep the food inside safe from airborne germs.

Skip the buffet:

Self-serve buffet tables at wedding catering service Chennai have always played a major role in traditional catering, but today the safer serving option is to utilize attendant served stations instead. With one attendant working at each food station, you can guarantee that serving utensils and serving dishes are being handled by one person only. For even greater assurance of safety, consider using cashier shields at your food stations.

Offer online platforms:

Online ordering isn’t just for restaurants but also handy for wedding catering service Chennai. Mobile orders have become a way of life for most consumers, so your catering business must offer online ordering too. With an online catering menu, you can cut down on lead times and serve your corporate clients more quickly. Office lunches can be ordered by phone at any time of day and delivered onsite with minimal contact involved.

Choose online ordering software built for caterers so your specific business needs can be met. In addition to placing an order, customers should be able to enter important info like the number of guests, details about the venue, and special requests.

Take it outdoors:

Outdoor locations provide the safest environment for wedding catering service Chennai. If your catering company is located in a region with temperate weather year-round, take the event outdoors. Portable catering equipment makes it easy to prepare meals onsite at outdoor venues.

In other parts of the country that are expecting colder temps this winter, get creative with patio heaters and heated tents. Fire pits are a guest favorite and they provide a warm place to get cozy at an outdoor event.