3 reasons why do people choose vegetarian catering services for the wedding

Vegetarian catering services for the wedding

Food is the most important part of a wedding. Fortunately or unfortunately, your guests are looking forward to your wedding food more than anything else, and that is exactly why it is important to choose a vegetarian catering menu that will cater to everybody.

Here are some reasons why Indian weddings mostly serve a vegetarian catering menu on their wedding.

Vegetarian catering services
  1. You can save a lot of money

While choosing your wedding menu, it is one thing to look for a good wedding catering company and it’s another thing to choose a menu that will come under your budget. When you choose a vegetarian catering menu in Chennai, you automatically save on a lot, starting from the produce to the process. You get a wide range of food menus under your budget.

  1. Limitations on non-veg food

The main reason Indian marriages don’t serve non-veg catering services is that there are lots of limitations on eating meat, some people eat meat only twice a week or only on some days.

Hence any Indian wouldn’t mind the absence of meat in any wedding or event as long as we get nice tasty and spicy food.

  1. You have to cater to every guest at your wedding

Among Indians, there’s a good chance many of your guests might be vegetarian, and they might be uncomfortable at a party where meat is served. Some Indians in principle refuse to eat at or even refuse to attend such events. To avoid awkwardness or offense, even families who aren’t vegetarian often stick to a vegetarian catering menu in Chennai for weddings.

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