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Latest Indian Wedding Food Menu Lists and Ideas

Making the ideal food selections for your wedding is a difficult process. You can be sure that if it is not delicious, your guests will grumble constantly. Additionally, if the cuisine is mouthwatering, they won’t stop bragging about you. To get this brag clicking, here are listed a variety of distinctive Indian recipes with an international flair.

First things First


Traditional Indian drinks to add to your wedding menu


This creamy, sweet concoction is quite popular, especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Piyush is made combining buttermilk and shrikhand with some saffron and a variety of dry fruits.

Jil Jil Jigarthanda

Coming from the South Indian city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, jigarthanda translates to ‘cool heart.’ A popular summertime refreshment, this drink includes almond bark gum, nannari or sarsaparilla syrup, ice cream, and reduced milk.

Midday Chai

Pink Tea must be mentioned when talking about Kashmir’s distinctive warm beverages! This exquisite beverage’s colour and flavour are the ideal accompaniment to any Indian wedding. In addition to green tea leaves, the beverage also contains salt and baking soda.

Ghol Gondhoraj 

This traditional buttermilk-like beverage originates from Bengal. This flavorful beverage is created by infusing yoghurt with Gondhoraj lime. (similar to kaffir lime).

Imlana Ka Imli 

Imli ka amlana, a favourite beverage in Rajasthan, is tart and mouthwatering. Tamarind, roasted spices, black salt, and fresh mint leaves are all ingredients in this celebratory beverage.

Desi cocktails to include to your wedding Bar menu

Coffee Martini

Shake it up, then add some Godiva, Vanilla Vodka, a splash of cream, and flavoured syrup. Oh! And if you’re wondering what the spiced syrup is precisely, you should know that it’s a combination of brown sugar, a dash of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ground ginger, and nutmeg.

Double dose of Mumma Nu

A blend of Old Monk rum and whiskey, two of the most popular winter alcoholic beverages in India. This one may linger on your taste buds for a very long time with just a dash of sticky syrup and a vibrant marigold crown!

The Paani Ki Dukaan

Adding vodka and maraschino cherries makes this cocktail more festive.


The Pink motif! To draw in all of your wedding guests, it combines a rose aroma with lime juice, superfine sugar, fresh mint leaves, crushed ice, and soda.

Wine with Indian spices, Khaara

This one has its unique Indian spin to the mulled wine. You may serve this one in a kullhadd to give it a truly Indian feel.


As Indian as its name may sound, it has a jamun flavour and an explosion of fruit in your mouth thanks to lime juice, sugar syrup, and jamun.

Main Cuisines For Indian Wedding

Non-Vegetarian Main Course

Take a peek at the wonderful meals from this list if you want to add non-vegetarian entertainment to your main course celebration. There is no better list, in my opinion, if your visitors like non-vegetarian gravies, as it includes all the standard meat and seafood selections.

Butter Chicken

There is nothing better than this! In a simple, butter-heavy curry, chicken is cooked in the Tandoor.

Egg Curry

A comforting Indian dish of curried eggs Hard boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes, whole and ground spices, and herbs are the main ingredients. Indian cuisine is quite diverse, and there are many different ways to make an egg curry, with variations in the recipes.

●      Egg Butter Masala

●      Egg Kurma

●      Egg Masala

●      Egg Roast

Rogan Josh

Rogan josh, is a flavorful Kashmiri curry meal made with meat. Alkanet flower and Kashmiri chilies are largely used to colour and flavour the red meat, which is typically lamb, mutton, or goat.

●      Mutton Curry

●      Prawn Curry

●      Chicken Shawarma

●      Butter Chicken

●      Chicken Butter Masala

●      Chicken Keema

●      Chicken Kurma

●      Chicken Masala

●      Chicken Tikka Masala

●      Kadai Chicken

●      Pepper Chicken Recipe

●      Mutton Korma

●      Achari Chicken

Vegetarian Indian Main Course

The best vegetarian recipes are listed below for you to consider serving to your guests. Both dry sabji and gravy alternatives are available to add to your main course celebration.

Paneer Pasanda with Corn Pasanda

To make your guests feel like royalty, your favourite Nuts are combined and cooked in a delicious onion-tomato curry. Shredded paneer and green chutney are mixed inside the paneer chunks. These opulent vegetarian visitors simply adore them. Because it is so delicious, nobody can say no.

Dal Bukhara

A desi wedding is not complete without Dal Bukhara. This dal is thick in consistency and made with a lot of butter and cream. We bet that it will win the hearts of your visitors.

Tohi Bhalle

Including this rustic and stylish street cuisine in your wedding menu is a terrific approach to bring back nostalgic feelings from the past. This delectable dish so brilliantly sings the tastes of India while being light on the stomach and pleasant to the palette.

Dal Makhani smoked

This creamy, buttery delicacy, which has a Punjabi origin but a western touch, must be served at your wedding. Practically, a wedding or party cannot exist without Dal Makhani.

Pasta Primavera

Pasta’s primary ingredients are freshly chopped vegetables. These are boiled with pasta while they cook until they are mushy in a pot of salted water. Following that, boiling pasta and veggies are tossed with garlic, olive oil, and cheese slivers. With this meal at your wedding, you will undoubtedly gain a lot of fans.

●      Punjabi Dum Aloo

●      Rajma Masala

●      Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

●      Malai Kofta

●      Palak Paneer

●      Shahi Paneer

●      Dal Fry

●      Kashmiri Dum Aloo

●      Baingan Bharta

●      Bharwa Bhindi

●      Gatte Ki Sabzi


After their meal, your visitors would adore to indulge in some treats. Here is a list of the most well-liked Indian dishes you might choose to include on your wedding menu.

Gulab Jamun



Dry Fruits Kheer

Kesar Kheer





Mango Payasam

Gajar Ka Halwa


Apple Halwa

Pazha Pradhanam

Cadbury Roll

Ice cream


Anarkali Roll

Mysore Pak

Pistachio Praline Parfait



Pot Kulfi

Roller Kulfi

Badam Cassata

Qubani ka Meetha



Patishapta with Strawberry Couli

Badam Ka Halwa


Faluda Kulfi

To sum up!

You can use this most recent Indian wedding food menu list for your own wedding. We made an effort to include in the list all the popular Indian cuisines. You can select the menu items based on the season and theme of your wedding. All of the meals on this list are the best, and the majority of them are MUST-HAVE WEDDING meals that you simply cannot overlook!

Please feel free to share any other dishes you may have with us. Your views and opinions are much appreciated.

Wishing you nothing but the best and prosperous life ahead.