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15 South Indian dishes You Must Serve On Your Wedding Menu


Without rice, it is hard to envision South Indian cuisine or a South Indian wedding. Your visitors will quickly salivate over the taste of the well-known lemon rice, which makes for the ideal meal.


Sambar can quickly become your favourite dish if you enjoy acidic and hot foods. This dish, which was made with a broad range of veggies and spices, not only tastes good but is also healthful.


The Sitha Rishis of the Western Ghats also advocated Aviyal, a genuine South Indian meal from Kerala that is a spicy, thick stew of 13 vegetables. It is one of the most popular meals to have on the South Indian wedding menu since it is nutrient-rich.


In South India, coconut-based curries are particularly popular and can be served with steamed rice and a dab of ghee. An genuine and nuanced taste is provided by the blend of spices, which includes cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, and coriander.


Bisibelabath is a popular dish among people in Karnataka and is mostly from that state. The main difference between the meal and sambar rice is that it is served with rice instead of alone.

Vegetable Briyani:

It is a quick and simple meal that you can cook for lunch or supper and uses a lot of vegetables. Every area has its unique recipe and method for making biryani, which is one of this food’s beauties.


Poriyal is one of the most popular side dishes and is renowned for its unusual flavour and rich flavour. Sambhar rice and Bisibelabath both complement the meal wonderfully. Lady’s finger, beans, carrot, and other poriyal variants are some of the most popular types.

Vaththa Kulambu:

All you need to feed your guests flavor-rich cuisine is the fiery and tangy taste of this South Indian dish. This dish pairs beautifully with rice, making it a lovely addition to any wedding meal.


These crispy Appalam, another intriguing side dish to present your guests, will captivate them with their flavour and are the perfect addition to your wedding lunch menu.


Can you envision a wedding without of desserts? Any wedding meal would be lacking without a large selection of desserts. Laddoos, Gulab Jamun, Badhushah, and Jangiris are just a few of the many sweets you may give your visitors.


Another delectable South Indian dish that you must try is Kootu, which is created with vegetables and dal and is known for its fiery and sour flavour. To savour the enticing taste, mix it with rice.

Moor Milagai:

You might be surprised by this recipe as it just includes dried chiles that have been cooked until they are golden brown. For the finest flavour, serve this meal with curd rice, which is simple to prepare.


Another well-liked meal from South India that you absolutely must serve at your wedding is one that not only tastes good but also helps with digestion.

Thayir Pachadi:

Thayir Pachadi, a meal made with curd and veggies like tomatoes, onions, and carrots, is all you need to feed your guests mouthwatering South Indian flavours.


Payasam, a sweet, semi-liquid meal prepared with vermicelli or dhal, has a sweet flavour.

Therefore, if you’re organising a South Indian wedding, don’t forget to add these traditional dishes to the menu so that your guests may indulge in mouth-watering South Indian cuisine. By going to Our Customizable Menu option, you may even construct your own wedding menu.