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Food Trends For This Summer

With the arrival of a new season comes a plethora of delectable foods and beverages. Trending flavor profiles will be inspired by the garden, including fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and culinary flowers. 

Our eating options and preferences have shifted in recent years. COVID issues have undoubtedly affected eating habits. Due to national shortages and supply chain challenges, obtaining some commodities was difficult and pricey. We were unable to dine at restaurants and had to rely on take-out. Food preferences shifted as a result of lesser income from furloughs and layoffs. We ate basic, quick comfort items due to culinary weariness and an overly tense situation.

Today, we leave the house and go to restaurants and social events. As a consequence, we can observe that individuals value and prioritize unique, high-quality, and nutritious meals. We have a new respect for life as a whole, including the meals we eat. We want to try new things, various flavors, textures, and colors. 

Sustainable mushrooms

Mushrooms are currently at the top of the list of popular foods. It has long been known that they improve our immunity and general wellness. So it’s no surprise that mushrooms made the list post-COVID. They are regarded as a superfood and have become so popular that we are seeing them in a variety of forms.

To add a distinctive nutty taste to your foods, sprinkle mushroom powder on top. People like mushrooms as a sustainable food source. This means that the methods used to produce, distribute, package, and consume them are healthy and safe. Mushrooms are also fungi that are beneficial to our environment.

Plant-based food

Plant-based meals will dominate culinary trends in 2022. People are attempting to minimize their consumption of meat, poultry, and other animal products. This is for the sake of both health and the environment. This eating trend is known as “flexitarianism” or “pescetarianism.” This year, expect to hear these keywords a lot.

Even if a person does not completely eschew animal products, they are aiming to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets. Consider utilizing alternative milk, such as potato milk, which is a newcomer to the market. It’s intended to be creamy, so ditch the alfredo sauce and mac and cheese. Plant-based fish is increasingly becoming popular as a replacement for tuna, salmon, shrimp, and even caviar.

Spicy food

Spicy meals are popular right now! Make sure to provide your event visitors with a spicy choice. You may be wondering why, when the temperature is warmer, you would add heat to food. Did you know that spicy meals cause you to sweat, which cools you down?

There are several ways to liven things up. Consider adding fiery sauces like gochujang or harissa to your summer sandwiches, for example. A Sriracha vinaigrette on your salads will undoubtedly be a hit.