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8 Delicious Food Trends You Can’t Miss for Your Winter Wedding!

Indians have an unending passion for food. And it makes sense because Indian weddings are nothing less than a lavish gastronomic extravaganza. No matter how stunning your bridal lehenga or your wedding décor are, it won’t matter unless you satisfy your guests’ appetites and provide them with a great dining experience.

While it is essential to include those traditional dishes (such as Smoked Dal Makhani, Live Pasta Station, Chaat Corner, Fancy Mocktails, Lip-smacking Snacks, etc.) on your wedding menu, we are confident that you wouldn’t mind going a little above and beyond with the food aspect to impress your guests. Because, let’s face it, a savoury cuisine is no longer sufficient in the modern world. The most popular and intriguing cuisine trends that you MUST take into account for your winter wedding are presented to you here.

Trends in Indian cuisine for your winter wedding

Miniature Eatables:

From little tacos and pizzas to tiny bowls of pasta and bite-sized sweets, miniature foods not only look lovely but also allow visitors to enjoy a greater variety in smaller servings.

Personalized Bar Menu:

Every element of a wedding is being customised by the couple, from the bridal shoes to the mehendi patterns. And we adore the way engaged couples are creating unique bar menus for their wedding events. No dedicated drinker should ignore this fad!

A Donut Wall:

Donut walls are a popular fad outside of India, but we have only started to see them at weddings there. These are without a doubt our favourite food trend of the year because they are so adorable!

Fire Paan:

With this exciting variation of Paan, you can up the hotness factor in an otherwise chilly winter wedding. For a very long time, guests would be talking about your wedding.

Customized Beverage:

Having some of your close friends’ and family members’ favorite drinks at your wedding is yet another way to give it a very personal touch. Their titles can be creative, such as “Bridesmaid’s Bubbly” or “Grandma’s Fav Ginger Tea.” Or you can just use customized cocktail names in place of the standard ones.

Smoky Ice cream:

By serving these trendy smokey ice creams, you can make everyone at your wedding smoke mist like a dragon. Everyone will be enthralled by it, we’re sure of it!

DIY Counters:

Another trend that received a lot of attention this year was DIY countertops at weddings. It’s a great way to amuse guests while allowing them to indulge in their preferred tastes. There are several ways to have such a counter at your wedding, from “Make your own burger” to “DIY your own Pasta.”

Pop Corn

Who said popcorn is a movie-only food? You’ll be amazed to learn that popcorns have made it to weddings and even have their own corner-cum-bars.

Which of these culinary trends will you include into your wedding menu? Let us know in the comments.